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In memorium….

Technology has made me stupid

Commercials I just don’t understand

New New Year’s Resolutions

Rhodes’ Yuletide Traditions


25 Random Things about me

Working-parent winter woes

Warts and all

Even when they drive me up a wall

My kids are geniuses

Come again…umm I mean excuse me

Why I read

No, she’s not adopted, and I am really her father

Of all the things to get your knickers in a twist about

Things we  intend to torture our kids when they grow up

I love food and sometimes that’s a problem

Open letter to the US government

Tales from the Crypt

Parenting Advice: you’re all doing great

How to admit you’re wrong

Letter to my daughter on her 10th birthday

American Ninja makes me a little nauseated

Things that make me question my level of goodness

Please tell me you say these things to your kids too

What’s it all about

Back to school  – Freshman Edition

User’s manual for my progeny

Back to school – International Grad Student’s edition

Chris, Panda’s and D Box

Letter to my son on his 7th birthday

When to alert the authorities

Some more random thoughts

Your burning questions about India/being Indian…answered: Part II

Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River

Mini Random thoughts

Vacation 2013

How to go on vacation Rhodesnam style

Conversations with my kids

If there indeed is a Supreme Being

10 simple steps to buying patio furniture with your husband

Lies we tell our children

How I met your father

Your burning questions about India/being Indian ….answered: part I

Proud parenting moments: Swearing

Arguments with Dave

Friday Amuse Bouche

Things I have started but not yet finished

Albino Vet

Zombies vs. Vampires

Review – Hold on my Heart (Tracy Brogan)

My Father’s Handkerchief



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