For the last day of school

The Children’s’ Exultation for the End of the Academic Year

Goodbye textbooks, so long homework,
auf wiedersehen bollocky tests,
Au revoir art, sayonara Spanish,
Catch you on the flip side music and gym.

Thanks for a great year teachers, we know you will miss us
And we’re sorry for not falling in line
But don’t be too sad, summer days fly by fast,
So don’t wait too long to hit that bottle of wine!

[Oh, what the hell – go nuts, make that many bottles of wine! And hit those babies hard!]

For the next 90 days we will be waking up late
and eating whenever feels right,
Rotting our minds on Minecraft, and YouTube, and games,
and maybe – just maybe showering before the night! [If you’re lucky parental units]

Driving parents to drink when our attitudes stink,
Taking whining to high levels of funk!
Rapidly unlearning and decluttering our crania,
as 9 months of knowledge go down the drain-ia! [You’re welcome!]

Going to movies, and eating ice cream till our brains freeze
Hanging out with friends in a park
Making smores over a flame, riding buggys on the sand,
and watching fireworks explode in the dark

Because summer is fleeting and childhood flies by
and sometimes all that actually lingers
Are crisp blue skies and warm hugs and laughter,
Sparkling memories of bright sunshine and sticky fingers.

A bookend to the ode I penned for the first day of school back in August!



  1. Without getting into serious analysis of this work as … poetry (which, I might add, I failed at miserably, according to my favorite high school English teacher), you hit all the highlights of summerforkids — I may have to pay attention to a few of them for myself!!

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