For the first day of school

The Parents’ Lament for the New Academic Year

May you wake up on time and with no fuss,
May your homework always be done,
May the zillion forms we signed, be handed in on time,
May you study hard but remember to also have fun.

Bring your lunches back home eaten, (preferably with the lunch bag)
Bring your gym clothes back home to be cleaned
Bring your A game to class so you will handily pass
Be cheerful and kind and joyous, don’t be an as…tronomical pain!

Pick your clothes with wild abandon, break all fashion rules
But do your hair so it doesn’t look like you wrestled a rabid raccoon
Take notes, listen, and ask questions with clear voices
And above all, for the love of everything holy, remember to make those good choices!*


Mom and Dad

*I do believe that my kids will have engraved on my tombstone, in a final act of ironic revenge, the words:

Here lies our mom…..because she refused to make good choices!

PPS: Here’s the ode to the last day of school to complete the set!



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