Making Summer Ever-so-slightly Bearable

On the last day of school I had jokingly said that this summer every time my kids whine I would be able to wine too – ensuring that I’d be drunk by 9 am practically every day. But if I drink alone that’s just sad – so I’m making it easier for all of you to join in the fun! All you have to do is print out the image* below and get on the train to sweet insobriety!

This summer will be so very long but, oh so very fun if we all do this – together! Just check off each box and as you complete a row or column or diagonal, do a little happy dance! And tape it and put it up on YouTube because it will make everyone smile. Feel free to change the fermented liquid of your choice – I just did a Google search of cocktails ‘coz I couldn’t think of more than 5 – stop laughing, I really am not as sophisticated as I try to appear!

*This image was created by me in PowerPoint after countless minutes when I should have been writing. Writing a report of such unimaginable tediousness, that the sheer act of typing words was lulling me into a semi-comatose state!



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