Walking to work

One of the greatest joys in Winterthur is that I get to walk to work and back everyday along with all the other lovely people. It makes me feel extremely Sex and the City except that it’s really a more like Sexless in the Moderately-Sized-Hamlet, and I’m wearing my trusty Merrells and not Manolo Blahniks! But it’s a joyous 20 minute walk each way and I listen to Peter Sagal or Ira Flatow (because NPR’s podcasts are amazing) while I enjoy these beautiful sights. Also, and I’m truly not trying to rub it in, it’s been 50 degrees and sunny nearly every day so as you read this, enjoy the following:

I leave home and walk down the narrow and sometimes cobblestone streets surrounded by these beautiful houses and in my head I’m imagining the daily lives of the people who live here. They are all languidly sipping tea and reading the newspapers or chain smoking while discussing politics. Of course the truth is probably a little more mundane but it’s my imagination and I’m letting it have free reign!

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I pass by a post man delivering mail in a mail bike and trailer!

Next it’s past the St Paul church and under the train station which has the most amazing little sandwich shop where I sometimes get a salami and mozzarella sandwich on crusty bread for lunch.

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Now onto a 01103b6a3c9d394be066e73b6ad3cc52fe83b46049quaint little Scottish coffee shop – I love all the world cuisine – and the entrance to the old town which is meant only for pedestrians.

Through the narrow street that sounds like a workplace sexual har0103b145c30ff3940042b7fe1cf7f0dbf172a1d1c1assment lawsuit waiting to happen – or some kind of disgusting malady that you can wish upon your supervisor – or something that you should see the doctor for if it lasts more than 12 hours. By this time in my walk, I think the endorphins have kicked in so my observations get to be more than a little randomly inappropriate!

Everywhere I pass by tiny cars that the Swiss drive unapologetically and unironically. I’ve probably seen a total of 10 SUVs in town so far, all the other cars look like they could fit 2 adults – or 20 clowns, but I haven’t seen any clowns so I’m going with adults!

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And finally, a hop, skip, and jump later I’m at work, in my office that I share with 5 lovely faculty and 2 insanely helpful secretaries. I know what you’re thinking – what are the odds that there are TWO awesome professors named Manfred who share an office – well, in Switzerland those odds are very high!! Also, I’ve toyed with the thought of informing them that I have 2 PhDs and so should be called Dr Dr – but pop culture humor is very difficult to translate so I’m going to let it slide! 01fe523a68514a28eddea7e73bf01c744db2897ea2




  1. I think even better than two Manfred’s is someone named “Dandolo Flumini”. And how humble that they list the secretaries’ names first?

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