25 Random Things about me

A few years ago, when I was new to Facebook and I did everything that the Supreme Facebook Leader told me to do, there was this thing that went around where you had to write 25 random things about yourself and tag people. Now when I think to all the times I’ve had to block Candy Crush and Farmville and Donkey’s Balls, I do apologize to those that I tagged!! But it has been a long weekend of grading and attending holiday parties and procrastinating and I haven’t had time to write so here is an updated version of 25 Random things about me (in no particular order). And yes, I do recognize how completely narcissistic and self-involved this list is but….ummmm….this is a blog…about me – so I think narcissistic and self-involved are the only two requirements.

25) I was born on an island off the coast of Cochin, Kerala, a beautiful place in the south of India.

24) For the majority of my life my father was in the Navy so I changed 10 schools from grades 1-10. I have lived in New Delhi, Bombay (it will always be Bombay to me), Goa (paradise on earth), Cochin, Pune, and Yeovil, England. When I moved to Milwaukee to go to school and stayed there for 14 years, that’s the longest I had stayed anywhere ever.

23) I have one older sister whom I absolutely idolize, in fact the only reason I decided to go to grad school and get my PhD is because she did, so very often I feel like a total fake! She, on the other hand, has tried on numerous occasions to trade me in for a baby brother!

22) When I was six I got lost on Waterloo station in London and was put with all the lost property before my mom came to get me. Also, before going to England we were immunized against every illness known to man – TB, measles, rubella, small pox, tetanus – I felt like a freaking pin cushion. Upon arriving in England I promptly contracted mumps and chicken pox – back to back – son of a bitch!!

21) My mother took me to watch Star Wars when I was six and around the same time we all went and saw Fiddler on the Roof – since then I have loved movies, particularly science fiction, and musicals. I know ALL the words to ALL the songs in My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music. My family loves that I frequently and randomly burst into a song from those movies – NOT!

20) My first year in America I watched Seinfeld, the Simpsons, and Saturday Night Live – which probably explains a whole lot about me!

19) I was in a commercial for Campa Orange – an Indian soda rather like Orange Crush when I was 8 and drank 18 sodas in 2 days – I still love the stuff. When I was 16 I was in a commercial with my entire class for a drink called Sosyo – Indias first soya bean based soda – it was so bad and we had to drink bottles and bottles of the vile stuff.

18) My mother taught my class Biology in the 6th grade and I used to allow my friends to peek at their grades before they were handed out in class.

17) I love to read and while I have read some wonderful literature, the majority of the time I will curl up with some truly pathetic paperback romance.

16) Dave and I were friends for over a year before we actually dated and our first date was to a free play “Inherit the Wind” done by the amateur drama club at Marquette University.

15) My father is an engineer and my mother was a teacher so I’m a chip off both old blocks! I love to teach, I enjoy interacting with students and I’m so glad that I get to do something I enjoy thoroughly every day. That said, the grading I could live without!

14) I regret that I never learned to play an instrument – my favorite daydream is that I am the drummer for Coldplay!

13) I don’t know if there is a God, I would love to believe that he/she exists. I’m a skeptic but I’m not a cynic – so to paraphrase Bill Nye – I’ve never seen a ghost, but I’d love to meet one!

12) Besides the faces of my children, the most beautiful sight I’ve seen is Mount Cook in New Zealand. When I die I would like my ashes scattered over there. Wouldn’t that make a fun road trip movie!!

11) When I was 6 years old I lived in England for a year and my second week in school a boy named Richard (all blond and blue eyed) kissed me – and all I remember is that he smelled like mashed potatoes! Since then, I kind of like the smell of mashed potatoes.

10) When I was in the 4th grade I was in my school’s stage production of Annie. I played an orphan, July, and I had a couple of lines and sang – I still remember “It’s a hard-knock life” and “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” – with all the choreography.

9) My first celebrity crush was in the 6th grade on an Indian cricketer named Ravi Shastri who has the honor of being the first Indian batsman to have hit six sixes in an over – for my American friends reading this list, I’m sorry but cricket kicks baseballs ass and for our World Series we actually invite other countries!! My first actual person crush was on a boy with the unfortunate nick name of Bunny – it was destined to be doomed!

8) I have never broken a bone in my body; I have however had 4 stitches in my head and six in my cheek where a safety pin sliced it open (yes I realize the irony of an unsafe safety pin)!

7) The names of my children were not my first choice – I wanted Zoya (for one of my favorite characters in a Pakistani soap opera) and Rohan (for a West Indian cricketer)- but we each got veto power.

6) Unlike my husband, I do believe that if you go out with a wet head in the cold, you will catch a cold! I also believe that too much chocolate causes zits, and spicy food will give you bad dreams. Which explains to a large degree why I have the skin of a 16 year old and frequent nightmares!!

5) When I was 19 and in engineering school I owned an 80 cc Bajaj M80 motorcycle – it was sage green and had three gears and I absolutely loved it!! I only learned how to drive a car when I was 25.

4) I talk and laugh very loudly – for a while I thought I was going deaf and I tried to teach myself sign language, now I realize that I’m just loud and I’m going to have to live with it!

3) I love people, there isn’t a misanthropic bone in my body. I love meeting people, talking to people, making people laugh, being around people – I’d go crazy on a deserted island. Dave, on the other hand, welcomes parties and social occasions with all the enthusiasm of a condemned man waiting to be executed. I think being stranded on a deserted island is his dream scenario.

2) I love podcasts, I listen to them all the time. My favorites are NPRs Wait Wait Don’t Tell me (perhaps the funniest thing on any medium radio or tv), NPRs Car Talk, and last but definitely not the least – Pottercast (a weekly podcast dedicated to all things Harry Potter)!

1) A few years ago when I was in New York meeting high school friends after 20 years – we watched a marriage equality demonstration and saw Harrison Ford filming in Bryant park! That’s pretty random!

GayPrideParade NYCHarrison Ford NYC

In reviewing this list I’ve realized that a lot of it is about the past – the ancient past. Why, you may ask, do I remember stuff that happened more than 30 years ago but not what I ate for breakfast – well, because I’m a huge dork with dwindling neurological real estate, so there’s that.


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