Of all the things to get your knickers in a twist about…..

It’s that magical time before the end of the year when the anticipation of snow is in the air and fireplaces are blazing and hot chocolate is brewing…. and news media outlets start talking about the imaginary “war” on Christmas and parsing people’s holiday greetings and building up a head of steam about the insulting secularization of this most hallowed of ….. retail events.

Guess what’s important about wishing people for Christmas or Hanukkah or Solstice or Festivus or Id or Ramadan or Navroz or Diwali or Holi – that’s right….. it’s the wishing!! So, even though I am a skeptic, if you wish me Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, I will not be offended – because I’m going to focus on how lovely it is that you have taken the time to wish good things for me and I will truly appreciate the kind thoughts. In return, please don’t hold it against me if I say Happy Holidays because I’m really wishing you happiness – the holiday is a placeholder term – think of it as holiday mad libs. I’m not dissing your faith, I’m not doing it as a political gesture, I’m not being a super-liberal…. I’m just trying to convey my respect for your beliefs in a way that respects mine too.

I think that the emphasis of all this passionate righteous indignation may be a misguided notion on your part that people don’t care about the birth of your savior…. what I’m curious about is where is the righteous indignation when the teachings of that same savior get routinely ignored? What happened to feeding the hungry and clothing the poor and helping the sick and loving your neighbor…. or are you only ever going to care about birth and not about life?

Speaking as a complete outsider and pagan atheist can I say (with all respect) – the most interesting thing about Christ was what he said, his philosophies, his words, his actions, his commitment to the less fortunate in society….. the specifics of his birth kind of take a back seat in comparison to his life – its a birthday – everyone in the world has one!

And really… is there a better way to draw attention to the crassness and over commercialization of the Christmas season than by writing a book about it…. and selling it….. during the Christmas season….. nothing circular to that logic… well played Palin!! I am eagerly anticipating your next book – on Irony!!

So Happy Holidays blogiverse and best wishes for a wonderful….. wait, its only November…. son of a bitch!! Stop the madness and let me enjoy Thanksgiving for the love of….!!

In case you still feel that there is a grand pagan/atheist/skeptic plan to somehow undermine Christmas – rest assured – we are not that well organized! And we obviously did a piss poor job of communicating this plan to – ummm let’s see – radio stations, shopping malls, grocery stores, TV specials, news organizations, NORAD….



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