What’s it all about?

So it’s pretty rare that I get really angry – I’ve been irritated, annoyed, mildly enraged – but never foaming at the mouth incensed. But in the last week two things have really managed to annoy the ever lovin’ snot out of me. And no amount of shouting “SERENITY NOW” – which usually calms me down since it combines my love for Seinfeld with my love for Firefly – has helped!

First – who decided Miley Cyrus was a role model anyway? Why is the news inundated with an over-hyped, under-talented, brainless, child’s antics on a once-good-but-now-ridiculous network’s abysmally bad award show?? How is this news? How does this say anything about us as a people other than that, in a time when we should be celebrating real heroes like Antoinette Tuff and delighting in real accomplishments like the discovery of a completely NEW element and being grief stricken at the real senseless loss of human life in Syria, instead we are hyperventilating about this manufactured controversy – maybe we deserve to be doomed!

I can’t claim any moral high ground either. I have found myself sucked into that black hole for intelligence – Real Housewives of insert-any-city-here, and physically felt myself losing IQ points as I watched. And I completely get that mindless TV can be comforting – but at no point did I ever feel that ANY of those vapid people I was watching on TV were actual role models…. or even remotely “real” in any way.

So Ms Cyrus’ performance lacked class/style/taste – so what??! You have the power – change the damn channel already and choose not to watch! And news organizations – stop treating this as news! Here’s a news flash – nobody cares!

The second object of my rage was this article about how women are going to extraordinary lengths to try and lose weight so that they can “let the light through” the gap between their thighs!! Really??! I can guarantee you that for every 1 woman concerned about her thighs there are 500,000 women concerned everyday about their families, their jobs, the state of the world they live in, the environment, science, art, literature, music, spider monkeys, space, politics, public policy….. and an infinite variety of things OTHER than the size of their thighs!! Where are the articles about these women?

I know that if I wasn’t suffering major withdrawal symptoms due to the absence of new Daily Show episodes – come back Jon Stewart, I miss you – I would be busting a gut over the whole Miley-Cyrus-thigh-gap kerfuffle! But no worries, things have got way better, because yesterday my cousin had a beautiful baby girl….and they are so happy…..and I am so happy for them……so all I can say is… serenity now, serenity now, serenity now……



  1. So true! We are fodder for the media!!! It think it just shows how high a value we, as a society, place on being entertained, when their antics are ‘big news.’

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