Chris, Pandas, and D-Box

Stop the presses, Ashton Kutcher’s real name is Chris!! No way!! And “Chris” gave a speech recently at the Over-Hyped-Underwhelming-Award-Night-for-Self-Obsessed-F*#@wit-Celebrities-With-10%-Bodyfat. And, I really hate to admit this, it sticks in my craw – but it was good. I know he’s an actor and he can deliver a line – but it was self effacing, and humble, and earnest, and …. good! What really pisses me off is that it negates my theory that someone that man-pretty should have a terrible personality – or it just isn’t fair to us mere mortals! What’s he doing being all smart and funny and shit!

If you haven’t seen this panda baby being reunited with its mother – you haven’t lived! And if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and a lump to your throat then you are a hardhearted monster and you probably kick puppies and steal candy from children – on days other than Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and Valentines Day!

So there’s this new movie going experience called the D-Box which promises to be “the next greatest thing” that will revolutionize going to the movies! I didnt realize that movie watching was in need of a revolution – but then again what do I know – sounds like the beginnings of a technology spring! And I want to say – this grand revolution…….. its a chair! A CHAIR people!! Ok, a fancy chair that moves and shakes and lets you “experience” going underwater while watching Pacific Rim and flying in space while watching Superman – a fancy chair with actuators and gears and hi-tech systems that will rock you and shake you wildly as you watch the next greatest action film -all for the low extra price of another $10! Wait a minute – I have a 7 year old who can sit behind you in the theater and provide the same service for the price of that extra ticket!! Now, I’m a little bit of a snob when it comes to movies – I want to watch them, I want to be blown away by good acting and a gripping story and good direction and fantastic special effects – not by a vibrating cushion on a chair that someone else has had their behind vibrated on!

On the other hand – I cant wait to watch the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey on the D-Box – who’s with me?!!

For Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths.



  1. I saw the Kutcher clip on Fox News. I was very impressed as well. I hope teens really take that to heart. They tend to ignore that advice from adults, but maybe it’s more palatable from Kutcher.

    • So true Kate – and its kind of ironic because Ashton Kutcher isn’t really a teen is he – he’s like over 30 – thats practically ancient ;-)!! But hey, if he can inspire even 1 of those screaming kids – thats a job well done!

      • I agree! But I’m sure the teens were too busy uploading their cute pics of Kutcher to their FB accounts to really listen! lol

  2. I’m blown away by “Chris’s” speech. Very commendable. When he said, “…everything around us we call life was made up by people no smarter than you!” I wanted to shout “BURN!” By the way, the panda video is super adorable!

  3. Ok. I’ve never had an opinion about Pandas. I still don’t. I would like to know who keeps punching them and giving them black eyes.

    The Chris speech? Ok. Wow. That seemed genuine. Even for an actor. Great share!

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