Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas river

For those of you who know me – and lets be honest – most of you are friends and family and so you know me – the most extreme adventure I like to embark on involve a couch and a book, or a bottle of wine, or all three. But, by some cruel game of genetic Russian roulette, my kids have inherited Dave’s outdoorsy, adventure loving, gene! So, I find myself on vacation, waking up at 6 am to drive 90 minutes to Buena Vista CO to go whitewater rafting on the Arkansas river – I’m expecting my Presidential Medal of Honor for extreme bravery anytime!

Here is Buffalo Joe’s, the rafting company that we went with – they were brilliant. However, our wonderful guide worried me during the safety talk when she stressed on “aggressive self rescue” in the event that we fell into the river. This was less than comforting! Also, less than comforting – the names of the rapids – Widowmaker, Deathtrap, Zoom Flume! Ummm…can we also do some benign ones like – Fluffy clouds, Bunnies and Kittens, Slow and Steady! The kids were excited to start…….and then not so much to have to wait! Patience is not their strong suit!
So we had an absolute ball! The guides prepared a fresh lunch of steak and veggies and corn, which we devoured like ravenous beasts! The views on the river were magnificent and I would have more pictures of the actual whitewater portions if I wasn’t too busy screaming like a little girl while trying to aggressively avoid falling into the river! And then Adam decided to defy the laws of gravity and jump into the river! He is a frightening combination of extreme bravado and extreme idiocy! This same boy who can’t go into our basement alone, launched himself into the air off a cliff into a river!

All in all, an EFIC day! Adam said that once and we decided that’s a brilliant combination word meaning “effing epic” and its stuck! I leave you with my favorite pictures of the kids from this trip.



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