Mini Random Thoughts

I’m on vacation so I’ve given my brain permission to take a break too – not that my brain had to twist my arm or anything! Which is why I’ve been having the most random thoughts – here is one such deep rumination – try not to judge me – but if you do, I won’t blame you at all!

Now generally I consider myself quite unfazed by celebrity – I’m more apt to go full on fan girl over JK Rowling or Bill Nye, than say Julia Roberts. But, I really do think that Kristin Wiig and I could be great friends! I base this belief on my familiarity with her work on SNL

And – that seminal classic – Bridesmaids.

I think if she hung out with me – she would really like me! Consider the benefits to her:
-She’d be the pretty, funny one in this relationship so there’s that,
-plus I would totally help her move if she needed it,
-Also, she could introduce me to her friends like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and then Mindy Kaling wouldn’t be the only Indian they would know socially.

It’s a win win situation! Kristin, if you are reading this – I assure you there is no need to get a restraining order – have no fear, I don’t have the commitment necessary to be a stalker!

So what celebrity would you like to be friends with?

For Weekly Writing Challenge.



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