Vacation 2013

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!! In the summer sun!!” Ummm… or not so much! The weather forecast looks rather water logged.


So here we are in slightly soggy Colorado for a vacation of hiking and whitewater rafting and horseback riding! After 17 years its amazing how much my husband does NOT know me!! The three things that make a vacation for me are sleep, siesta, and spas – in fact the fewer action words the better! Dave, on the other hand, is allergic to crowds, museums, and general slothiness – so we take turns taking one for the team! I have to say that I am in favor of general slothiness at any time – and double the normal on vacation!

We landed in Denver and just to acclimate to being in the rarified atmosphere, we hiked around beautiful Red Rock Amphitheatre.




Then an hour ride through the continental divide with magnificent snow capped mountains around us and we are in Dillon, CO which is so beautiful it’s like every scene has been photoshopped by nature! Whats strange is that every few miles you see signs on the highway saying SCENIC AREA – seriously Colorado?! Maybe you should consider changing those to “ESPECIALLY SCENIC AREA” or “EVEN WE CANT BELIEVE HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS AREA IS”!!

So I started explaining to the kids how millions of years ago two land masses violently collided to create the beautiful scenery they were seeing and the Rockies, when Dave piped up “well, actually the two land masses moved very slowly together over millions of years so I don’t know how violent it was“! The man sure knows how to kill a mood!!



My kids also love vacation because of conversations like this:
Maya: mom, can we eat [insert name of cereal with no natural ingredients and an over abundance of sugar] for breakfast?!
Me: Yes you can Maya!
Adam: Can we have chips and Gatorade for breakfast, and lunch, …..oh and dinner?
Me: Absolutely!!
Maya and Adam: can we watch Cartoon Network and Disney Channel, and stay up late?
Dave: Go for it!
So now their room looks like tiny 10 year old rock stars trashed it – littered with chip packets, empty juice bottles and the TV blaring Adventure Time with Jake and Finn!

Tomorrow we whitewater raft – and if I survive, I’ll blog about it!


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