Albino vet

I have wonderful friends who are made of awesome and invite me out with them and put up with me despite conversations like the one below:

TR: I’m going to be shadowing a veterinarian tomorrow as part of research for my next book. (Because TR is an awesome author)

KS: That sounds exciting! I’m sure the book’s going to be great! (Because KS is so nice and supportive, it’s unreal)

SP: Who’s the guy you’re going to be shadowing? (Because SP is an engineer and wants to get to the point)

TR: He’s our vet at XYZ Veterinarian practice

Me: Is he going to be the hero, if so, you should really meet our cat’s vet! (Because I am an ego maniac and everything must revolve around me)

KS: Is he really handsome!?

Me: Kind of tall, really really pale with like light, sandy hair and really blond eyebrows – I mean the dude’s almost colorless and he’s gorgeous!

TR (with a quizzical expression): By colorless … do you mean like an albino?

SP (very slowly): Ummm… does he have red eyes? Because that’s a dead giveaway.

Me: No his eyes are like really really light blue.

KS: Gmmp gmmmmph (laughing into her water glass)

TR: Sooooo let me get this straight – what you’re saying is that your albino, colorless, pale eyed vet would make a good romantic hero?!

Me: Oh, and he’s also missing 2 or 3 fingers!!

KS: Stop, for the love of.. (has lost control by now and is crying helplessly into her napkin)

The next day, TR sends me this message:  is this what you find sexy?

And while I do find Snowflake the inbred albino gorilla very sweet…. he’d be a whole lot sexier if he were missing 3 fingers!

“Snowflake”, the albino gorilla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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