Zombies vs. Vampires

So I know I’m courting controversy in my very first week as a blogger but this topic is really randomly unimportant and so deserves an explanation. In the nerd-oversial debate, zombies vs. vampires, I have to firmly come down on the side of …(drumroll please) ZOMBIES!! Before you get your fang-loving knickers in a twist, let me explain.

Zombies are purists, all they’re interested in are brains, your brains specifically. There’s none of that angsty, self loathing, inner monologue laden, should-I or shouldn’t-I that vampires seem to go through every time they kill. There’s something almost beautiful about a single minded obsession with brains. Also, zombies don’t care about hair or fashion, or hygiene, or daylight, or garlic, or religious imagery. Barring the hygiene thing, that’s a life plan I could get behind!

Plus, there are actual examples of zombies in the real world. And I know about vampire bats – but really, a fungus that can fossilize its host – that’s pure poetry!

Also, let’s face it; anything that Jonathan Coulton sings about is just cool by definition!

And the final nail in the coffin really has to be that The Walking Dead kicks Twilight’s sparkly, marble-like, red-eyed, ass – nuff said!

In later blogs I intend to explore equally randomly unimportant topics like unicorns vs. ninjas, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, BSG vs. Caprica, and whether Firefly was just awesome or totally super awesome – so stay tuned.



  1. I have (quite originally) begun at the beginning, Samhita, and I felt an overwhelming need to let you know how deeply offended I am at your apparent willingness (even eagerness!) to dismiss garlic as unworthy of your attention. I’m pretty sure the accepted Survival Priority List puts garlic somewhere around fifth (after oxygen, water, food, and sex).

    Because I’m so generous, I will skip the misogyny and threats that seem to be ubiquitous in internet commenting, but if you feel this as a lack, see Reddit.

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