Review – Hold on my Heart (Tracy Brogan)

Just finished this book in a marathon reading session that started at 4 this morning! To say I devoured it would be an understatement – zombies have shown more restraint for eating brains!

So when you read a 3rd book by an author it’s hard not to compare it to the first two. If Crazy Little Thing was sparkling wine, and Highland Surrender was honey mead, then Hold on my Heart is the full bodied Chianti – the 4 am heartburn is making more sense now, is it not!

It’s a quieter book with lots of emotion and just the most brilliant little moments, particularly between the fathers and daughters. In fact this book definitely reads like an ode, a love letter, from a daughter to a father. There’s plenty of humor and a lot of romantic heat, but unlike CLT where I had to take a break to stretch my core muscles from the laughing, this book had me quietly chuckling, while surreptitiously wiping random bits of debris that kept getting in my eyes.



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